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Book Tour: Hold on to Love by Roberta Capizzi


Hold On To Love
By: Roberta Capizzi
Releasing June 13, 2014

Three weeks. All Alyssa O’Riordan needs is three weeks away from her wealthy life in New York City, to clear her mind and decide what she wants from her life. A dude ranch in Wyoming seems like the perfect place for a temporary escape from the cage her life has become. What she doesn’t expect is to come face-to-face with a handsome cowboy, who’s just as grumpy and rough as he is good-looking. All of a sudden, the promise of a relaxing, invigorating holiday seems long gone.

Three weeks. For Sean Maclaine, three weeks around the new guest feel like an eternity. After his first-hand experience with the upper class, rich daddy’s girls have become his worst nightmare, so when Alyssa O’Riordan shows up at his family’s ranch, he knows the time won’t go by fast enough. All he has to do is stay away from her, and count the hours until she finally goes back to New York.

Three weeks. Will three weeks be long enough for them to get over their prejudices and start looking beyond the surface?


Alyssa stared at the man striding toward them in a pair of faded dark-blue jeans and a checkered shirt with rolled up sleeves. He wore a cream cowboy hat that half hid his eyes and gave her a polite smile when he noticed her standing behind the old driver.
“Miss O’Riordan, I guess?” the man asked when he reached them.
“Alyssa,” she said as she took the hand he’d stretched out toward her. His skin was rough against her palm and his squeeze was strong. She liked people with strong handshakes; she’d always thought it denoted confidence.
“I’m Sean Maclaine. My parents own the place, and I work here, too.”
He smiled and nodded a thank you as Aaron put down the smallest bag on top of her big suitcase. When he said goodbye and left, Sean grabbed Alyssa’s suitcase, and his eyes locked with hers from underneath the brim of his hat. Long, thick lashes a woman would kill for framed a pair of ice-blue eyes. It was hard for her to hold his stare, and she immediately looked away, feeling her cheeks start to flush. He looked much younger than she’d thought when he’d first approached her; his deep voice and slight drawl had tricked her into thinking he was close to forty but now that he was so close, she could tell he was probably only a few years older than her. She couldn’t see the color of his hair, but from the stubble of his five o’clock shadow she could tell it must be a dark shade of blonde, or perhaps a light shade of brown. Either color would make a nice combination with those striking eyes.
He turned his back to her, and as he lifted her suitcase as if it were empty, the muscles on his arms flexed. She winced inwardly when she caught herself checking him out. She blamed it on the jetlag and the long flight; she’d never really checked out a guy so blatantly before and she’d been here barely five minutes. No, this wasn’t what she’d come here for, she reminded herself. She’d put her life on stand-by for a reason, and she was definitely not going to mess it all up because of a man. She was probably just dazed by this new adventure she was about to embark on and he looked, well, different from the men she was used to having around. She was sure that was the reason why he’d caught her eye. She definitely wasn’t going to fantasize over him any time soon—that was certain.
Alyssa picked up her carry-on and Sean asked her to follow him inside. As he led the way up the five steps that led to the front porch, she had to force herself not to stare at what looked like a very toned and rock-hard rear. A hot flush colored her cheeks, and she felt like a silly teenager who’d never seen a boy before. Well, technically, she’d never seen a real cowboy before, so perhaps she was excused, but seriously, what was the matter with her?
She took a deep breath and tried hard to think of something that would make her heart slow down. When he turned around and invited her inside, she was confident her cheeks had gone back to their normal shade of pale.

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Author Info
An avid reader since her childhood years and being an only child, Roberta always enjoyed the company of her fictional friends from the children’s books she loved reading, while she dreamed of writing her own stories one day.It was when she discovered novels by authors Rosamunde Pilcher and MaeveBinchy in her teenage years that she realized it was time she put down in words the stories she had kept well hidden in her mind until then.
What started as a hobby, soon turned into a real passion and a way of life, until she could no longer keep the stories to herself, and decided to get over her fears and share them with theworld.Roberta lives in Italy, but her dream is to move out of her country and live either in a thatched cottage in the Irish countryside or in a country house with a swing on the back porch, somewhere in the United States, where she would love to spend her days writing novels as a full-time job, and maybe one day even get as far as writing a screenplay for a movie.
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I honestly enjoyed this book. It was just one of those fun reads that made me smile a lot. The only thing that annoyed me about this book was the mother. I seriously wanted to strangle her at times. And like Alyssa thought in the book I don't know why she children. Other than that I loved this book. I really liked watching the developing relationship between Sean and Alyssa. I think the author just did an amazing job and would love to see her other works. I really liked this book and would recommend that everyone read it because it seriously was a good book.Overall I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5.


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