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Book Blast: Taylor's Plight by Katrina Cope

The action increases as the plot thickens.

Taylor, the renowned bully of Jayden and his friends, has been acting peculiar. He had disappeared for a couple of days, then reappeared and went on a rampage.

Meanwhile, Scarlet is having the fight of a lifetime. She is under attack from an experienced hacker. Will she be able to fight them off?

Mysterious things are found at Ernest State College that have nothing to do with who Dr Ernest is tracking. Brendan, the surrogate, goes on a field trip with Hayley, Liam and Dryden. What they discover rocks Brendan’s world and significantly changes the future.

 I am happy to announce that today the third book in the Sanctum series was released and in honor of that Katrina Cope agreed to an interview. However before that if you like the book and want to check it out you can go here: Now for the interview:
1. What inspires you to write?
I love writing. I love creativity in its many forms. If an idea forms in my head of a storyline that I would love to read about, then I am inspired. At the moment in my series, I find the wanting to know exactly what happens next and having it set in the storyline is also a huge inspiration. This series is full of twists and turns in the plot and I get excited and inspired by this. 

2. Do you have a certain time you have to set aside to write? Or do you just write when the ideas hit you?
I try and stick to certain times when I know that I have ‘quite’ time during the week, but this is not always possible because I am a mum with three kids, pets and work. However, I am dedicated to writing and I am committed to continuing my series, so if my ‘quite’ time is disturbed for whatever reason I try and make time later in the day. Having people who have read the earlier books and enjoyed them, asking for the next book in the series, certainly helps to add more pressure to that commitment. 

3. What kind of student were you like in school?
I will be the first to admit that I am a late bloomer in the school format of learning. As for education, I was one of those very creative kids who did not fail but did not commit to the standard school learning. I would rather do something artistic everyday. 

4. Were you good at English?
These days I would like to say I was. I passed English and I really enjoyed the story learning part of English; however, like I mentioned earlier I am a late bloomer and I am learning and improving on my English at a rapid rate. I am also doing a Diploma in creative writing working on improving my writing and English. 

5. What is the hardest part about writing? 
I would say the editing part. I did make the first time author mistake of not getting an editor and I can certainly tell you I have learnt from my mistake. I do not believe authors can edit their own work efficiently and I know I will never be doing it again, even when I am an expert on grammar & punctuation. As the saying goes: Authors read what they thought they wrote. 

6. What do you enjoy the most about writing?
I really enjoy getting the creative ideas down and enjoying the story that is being produced. I also enjoy hearing from the people who enjoyed the story and are asking for more. 

7. What research, if any, do you do when writing a novel?
It depends on what I am writing about. This series is not based on any country, but a made up country and is completely fiction. Although in saying this, I do need to do research for certain parts. In the first book, ‘Jayden & the Mysterious Mountain’, I needed to know the name of certain parts of a bomb. It was heart-racing material when I accidently came across suspect sites. I was honestly waiting for the federal police to barge down my door. Thankfully I didn’t have to prove to anyone I was only an author doing research.

8. Do you have strange writing habits? If yes, what?
My writing habits change over periods of time. Writing in winter was a strange one for me, I think my body thought it was going into hibernation and wanted to eat everything in sight. I am usually quite a healthy eater. In a way my body was right, because I do write the best when I am hidden away from the ruckus of a family household. Thankfully I exercise regularly and have a fairly good metabolism. Summer is approaching now in Australia and these habits are changing.

9. How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names based on liking the way it sounds or the meaning? Do you have any name choosing resources you recommend?
I mix up the reason why I choose names. Sometimes it is because it is a popular name in our area for that age group and other times it is the meaning and sometimes I just like the name. I don’t use a particular name choosing resource. 

10. What does your writing process look like?
I am not a person who writes an in depth plotting and outline for the book. I have tried this and it doesn’t work for me. For starters, I like to know how it starts, picture how it ends and have a rough outline of what I would like to see happen in the middle with rises and falls within the centre. As this is a series, I regularly jot down notes on what I have covered in one book lightly that I want continued in the next book or coming books. I also write down what I want to cover in the particular book of the series. Writing this way helps my characters shine throughout the books. 

11. Do you ever get writers block? If yes, what do you do to get over it?
Sure, I get writers block. I usually find it happens more if I am stressed over something. To get through this I will do whatever it takes to relax. With this series, if I have a block with the plot, I am privileged to have my husband who is caught up in the twist and turns to help with ideas. 

12. What advice do you have to give to any aspiring authors out there?
Read a lot—good and bad books to see what you like and don’t like and what works and doesn’t work. Write regularly. Learn as much as you can from experts, not new authors who think they know it all. If you can, study the craft to improve. Find good beta readers and definitely find an editor. Above all, if you are serious about being a good author, never give up trying even when people don’t like your work. Remember everyone has different tastes.

I would like to thank Katrina Cope for agreeing to do this and if you want to contact her or just see her other books all the main links are here:

Again my thanks go out to Katrina and I wish her much success.

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